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Jiangyin City across Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the economically developed Yangtze River Delta Center - Jiangyin Zhutang Town, east to Shanghai, South by Wuxi, North even the fourth in the world, China's first of Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge, Shanghai Nanjing Expressway and Xicheng high-speed nearest through, the geographical position is superior, water and land transportation convenience.

The company is the domestic production of pharmaceutical, chemical, food machinery professional manufacturers, the main products are rough crusher, ultra - mill, V - type mixer, slot mixer series, vibrating screen series, granulation machine, etc.. The company has strong technical force, excellent manufacturing equipment, especially good after-sales service, won the majority of customers.

The company will abide by the quality first, customer first, quality service, science and technology leading enterprise concept, continuous innovation and development. Xu Zhong, general manager with all the staff sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to come to negotiate to seek common development. Enterprise quality policy: scientific management is the enterprise healthy development of the enterprise, the application is the power of enterprise efficiency, good faith service is the backbone of enterprise sustainable management, excellent quality is the source of enterprise value!

Brand and solution

Jiangyin City across Machinery Shanghai in the East, north of the Yangtze River Bridge, the geographical position is superior, convenient water and land transportation; strive to be "the international first-class, the industry's top" grinder, dryer, granulator, sieve powder machine and mixing machine series products, a leading supplier of 。

Corporate social responsibility

Company to develop the Chinese pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery for its mission, sophisticated production technology, advanced production equipment, strict testing means and modern management, to ensure product quality.

News media relations

Company always to the quality of survival, to the science and technology for development, guided by the market, in good faith as the fundamental, to form a good reputation in the market, attracted international attention.

Thinking ahead of new ideas

Across the machine successfully and nearly 100 energetic employees have a close contact, they have ambition, enthusiasm and openness of thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, continue to explore new technology peak looking for new ideas.

Three strategic business areas

1, across the machinery from the success of the mill and mixing equipment, 2, across the ultra micro mill, slot type mixer is one of the largest in the country in the same products; 3, V type mixer, rough machine in the global market leader.

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